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The Rocky Raccoon History…

It all started 25 years ago. Four young lads totally obsessed with 1980’s action movies, comics and graphic novels, we poured over the intricate drawings of Predator and Alien to the soundtrack of a dodgy Prodigy mix tape.

From that moment on, my love for popular culture was set in stone and shaped everything that was to follow.

Years later, and a move to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I would while away the hours at galleries such as the Richard Goodall gallery, and I began to collect.

What was once the NME poster patchwork on my adolescent bedroom walls became limited editions, photography and illustrations. A David Bowie cardboard cut out from a Woolies window display made way for investment pieces such as giant Bearbricks, rare Ian Tilton, Oasis and Roses photography. I was flat-sharing with the greats, icons and heroes of stage and screen as I curated images of them around me.

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Lisa Love Tunnel, Reality Star
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